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Angus MacDonald

Master Facilitator

Originally a web designer, Kai launched the first Offscreen magazine in early 2012 after wanting to create something more physical and lasting.

Angus, is a retired Navy Captain, who has gained experience leading men and women in all military branches plus government service civilians during his active duty service.

Involvement in recruiting and military entrance processing led to his keen desire to help military personnel and veterans reintegrate back into the civilian life.

Following his retirement, he became involved with The Pacific Institute as a Master Facilitator, Trainer, and Project Director provided knowledge about success strategies and sound wisdom for successful transition into civilian life culture.

For over twenty-five years he has transferred this cognitive psychology experience into assisting veterans develop strong basic insights critical for converting their service fundamentals into optimal thinking skills and personal presentation. This helps them become individuals to be sought after for civilian careers that will benefit themselves and their families.

To date the over 1500 ReBoot graduates are achieving a 97% success rate on either returning to school or gaining and sustaining meaningful civilian acceptance with financially rewarding employment.

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  • MV-6-2016
    Reboot Workshop
    Three weeks
    8:00 AM - Dec 25 2014

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