Operation Reboot

Veteran Workforce Development


An Employer-driven Initiative to Reboot the Lives & Careers of Transitioning Service Members and Veterans and Promote a Strong Economy

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Pillars of Engagement

“Our focus is to provide end-to-end employment services for veterans that will result in a higher probability of employment for former service members seeking to join the civilian workforce. We will strive to transition every veteran into the career/job that they desire through; job training, counseling, placement, educational services and advocacy. We will leverage technology, personal development techniques, career development acumen and relationships to close the employment gaps facing our nation’s service members released or being released from active duty. Finally, we will mobilize and organize existing veterans resources and service centers to collect, coordinate and aggregate resumes into one national job board and facilitate employment opportunities for veterans nation-wide .” 

  • Community Engagement

    Volunteers, Mentors, Federal, State, Local Community Partnerships and Collaborations

  • Employer Engagement

    Access to qualified veterans, customized training, job placement services, employer workplace training

  • Military/Veteran Engagement

    REBOOT Workshops, Job Skills Training in priority industries, Alumni Services, and activities

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Employment is an important issue for Veterans. Helping Veterans find and obtain employment, as well as advance their civilian careers is a high priority. If you are a veteran looking to REBOOT your life enroll for the next workshop today.

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